Buffalo Games - Roll-Up Puzzle Mat up to a 1500 Piece Puzzle

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  • From America's #1 Jigsaw Puzzle brand, comes the most innovative and effective Puzzle Mat. Designed by puzzlers for puzzlers.
  • Save your puzzle progress in seconds with this 1st of its kind Roll-Up Mat
  • Say goodbye to all those those flimsy deflated roll-up tubes . This solid EXPANDABLE roll-up tube offers a dependable core to effectively store your puzzle progress. The tube expands to a full 34.5 inches.
  • The Puzzle Mat is made of premium thick felt and includes guides for puzzle sizes ranging from 300 pieces up to 1000 pieces. This LARGE 26 x 44 inch puzzle mat can accommodate up to a 1500 piece puzzle.
  • The 3 included Velcro straps safely secure your rolled up puzzle

From the makers of of the top selling line of Jigsaw Puzzles, Buffalo Games introduces the 1st of its kind ROLL-UP PUZZLE MAT. The unique EXPANDABLE CORE allows puzzlers to safely preserve their hard work quickly and easily. Say goodbye to those flimsy inflatable tubes that have a habit of deflating while in storage resulting in your puzzle progress breaking up when you attempt to begin another puzzling session. This unique design was made by puzzlers for puzzlers. Its as easy as (1) Expand, (2) Roll and (3) Go! This large format Roll-Up Puzzle Mat covers a footprint of 26 x 44 inches and can accommodate up to a 1500 piece puzzle. The mat is constructed of high quality thick felt for a pleasing feel. As the mat rolls up for storage, the thick felt offers a substantial base to cushion the puzzle as it hugs the firm expandable core tube. The mat also comes with printed guides outlining the footprint of some of the most popular piece counts including 300, 500 and 1000. 3 Velcro straps are included to safely secure your preserved puzzle while storing. A light ironing of the puzzle mat with a warm iron is recommended prior to 1st use to smooth minor creasing that may occur during packaging.

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