Cubic Fun - National Geographic 3D Model Puzzle - The Colosseum (Rome) Jigsaw Puzzle (131 Pieces)

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The National Geographic 3D Puzzle The Colosseum, from CubicFun, includes 131 pieces and it takes about 2 hours to assemble. You do not need tools or glue to build this magnificent arena. The final product will look as it originally did, prior to the earthquake in the year 847 AD when part of the south side collapsed. Although there are no gladiators present, it's easy to imagine the amazing spectacles that once took place here. This 3D puzzle includes a colorful and informative National Geographic booklet, full of Rome's rich culture, history, and beauty. So if you like building puzzles, architecture and one of Europe's finest cities, there's no place like Rome, there's no place like Rome. Features: While assembling, you will get lots architecture historical knowledge. The Colosseum with 131 pieces including 28 page information booklet. It was made from EPS foam board, eco-friendly protection as well. Safe & Green: No tools and glue needed,easy to assemble. Encourages your hands-on ability, and logical thinking. Finished size 34. 3 ラ 25. 7 ラ 8. - Cubic Fun: National Geographic 3D Model Puzzle - The Colosseum (Rome)

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