National Geographic - Velociraptor 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (63 Pieces)

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National Geographic dinosaur 3D puzzle series - Velociraptor Background: Velociraptor is often called "agile thief" and has become a "star dinosaur" due to the cunning image in the novel Jurassic Park and the film of the same name. It has a long and strong tail, sharp teeth and claws. It can run at high speed. Its second toe, which is about nine centimeters long, is its main weapon to kill prey. 1. National Geographic genuine authorization Genuine authorization + authoritative supervision, providing children with high-quality science popularization toys. Trusted brand and reassuring quality assurance bring worry free consumption experience 2. Become a paleontologist Return to the Jurassic and learn about the overlord of the earth tens of millions of years ago. Carefully observe the physical characteristics of dinosaurs, understand their size and weight, and imagine the way dinosaurs walked on the earth. Act as a paleontologist, get small achievements in research and share them with people around you. 3. Immersive dinosaur class The lifelike dinosaur image and the detailed popular science nameplate enable children to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of dinosaurs. Teach in fun, cultivate love for natural creatures in collage, and understand the prehistoric overlord in an interesting way 4. Build your own "dinosaur museum" Collect four dinosaur models and create your own Jurassic exhibition. The nameplate on the base integrates the scientific knowledge of each dinosaur. Children can lead their friends to visit the "Museum" and explain the various characteristics of dinosaurs as a little guide.
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