Pintoo - PieceRelax - Flowerpot Hello Pumpkin Season 3D Plastic Jigsaw Puzzle (80 Pieces)

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  • Unique 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Flowerpot: With 80 curved puzzle pieces, our flowerpot puzzle provides a fun and challenging puzzle experience.
  • Snug Interlock Design: The interlock mechanism ensures sturdy connections without glue, resulting in a beautiful finished 3D flowerpot that's perfect for display or planting.
  • Dual Layer Design for Planting and Storage: Our dual layer design includes a cup with leaking holes and a sealed cup as a drip tray, making planting, watering, and storage easy and clean.
  • Versatile Appearance and Gift Choice: The puzzle flowerpot's vibrant pattern reflects your unique personality and makes it an excellent gift choice for loved ones, friends, and individuals who enjoy home office decoration.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Plan: PieceRelax's comprehensive coverage plan includes free-of-charge replacement of missing puzzle pieces, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable puzzle experience.

Introducing the PieceRelax Puzzle - a revolutionary 3D puzzle that effortlessly blends fun and functionality. This dual-layer design puzzle features a stunning flowerpot - a perfect decorative addition to any home or office. It's not your ordinary puzzle; it's also a vessel for planting, adding a touch of green to your space. Made with the utmost precision, this 3D puzzle vase challenges the mind and pleases the eye. Revel in the satisfaction of piecing together the mini things, a therapeutic activity that both adults and kids will enjoy.
Our puzzles are not limited to just objects; we also have a variety of theme-based puzzles. The PieceRelax Puzzle is not just a toy; it's an engaging activity that stimulates the mind and a unique decor piece. It's a treasure box of fun, learning, and creativity.
Whether you're looking for a challenging jigsaw puzzles or a 3D puzzles, our collection has something for everyone. Experience the joy of puzzle-solving with PieceRelax. Happy puzzling!

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