Trefl - London Street Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

This product belongs to the following collections:
  • The puzzle game consists of 1000 high-quality pieces.
  • A high colour saturation and high composition safety guarantees the calendered, light-reflecting paper.
  • Ideal for rest and relaxation.
  • After assembling the puzzle game, a panoramic picture is created with the dimensions 683 x 480 mm.
  • A perfect gift for children aged 14 and up and for adults.
  • The finished puzzle can be glued to cardboard and the resulting picture can be hung on the wall - the special adhesive from Trefl is also available on the market.
  • The mat that makes it easier to assemble puzzles and store unfinished work is also available on the market.

Puzzle skladajace sie z 1000 elementów przedstawiajace piekny widok na jedna z londynskich ulic. Po ulozeniu powstanie obrazek o wymiarach 683x480 mm. Produkt zostal wykonany z wysokiej jakosci materialów, z zastosowaniem specjalnego kalandrowanego papieru odbijajacego swiatlo, co ulatwia ukladanie. Produkt zostal wyprodukowany w Polsce, a do produkcji zostaly uzyte materialy ekologiczne.

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